David Barrett Partners publishes "Addressing the Diversity Gap," an actionable hiring road map for asset managers

David Barrett Partners publishes "Addressing the Diversity Gap," an actionable hiring road map for asset managers

In the face of underwhelming diversity statistics among asset managers, there is an energized desire from companies to implement best practices and address their lack of diversity at all levels.

New York City (August 3, 2020) - David Barrett Partners, a leading global boutique executive search firm specializing in investment and wealth management, is pleased to announce the publication of Addressing the Diversity Gap, a guide with action steps that hiring managers should follow to attract not only highly-qualified pools of candidates, but also diverse ones.

The publication of Addressing the Diversity Gap comes at a time of transformational events on the health, social and economic fronts-- affecting communities and economies in the US, and across the globe. The piece, written by Partner, Elizabeth Havens, comes from an optimistic view that, if everyone contributes to ongoing positive change, the current distress can result in better conditions.

"As a boutique international asset and wealth management search firm, one of the things we can influence and help improve is the diversity of the investment industry work force," says David Barrett. He notes that this has been a critical issue for third party asset/wealth management and asset owner clients, and the hiring of diverse candidates continues to be one of the key criteria on all searches.

As a firm, David Barrett Partners recognizes that putting actionable, long term steps in place to systematically build representative diverse work forces in the wealth management industry is a work in process, and it is committed to contributing to the solution. “The intent of this report is not to try and solve every issue related to diversity in the asset management industry,” says author Elizabeth Havens. “It is to provide a road map with practical tips based on research and proven examples of success to help companies not only attract more diverse applicants, but to also increase the chances of diverse hires through specific interviewing techniques.” In Addressing the Diversity Gap, Ms. Havens takes a practical, bottom-up approach to recommending how organizations can start to re-think out of date practices in recruiting high potential talent at all levels, and how individuals can take ownership for helping to shape the personnel demographics of the asset management industry. Ultimately, regardless of efficiencies brought about by technology, whether being in the office or working remotely, people will always be the life blood of the asset and wealth management industry.

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